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Eric Resler, M.A., M.Div. & Rachel Resler, M.A., LAMFT

 Consulting for Individuals, Executives, Corporations, and Faith Based Organizations

Corporate Team Consulting for groups or teams

Having worked in the corporate sector for the past 20 years, Eric is adept at seeing the issues and relational struggles in teams and leadership groups. As an outside observer and systems thinker, he can assess issues, devise solutions, and help teams implement them to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel seen, heard, and understood. 

Individual Leadership & Relational Consulting

Eric’s background in various corporate cultures gives him unique insights and strategies for individuals trying to grow their leadership skills and improve how they relate with others on their teams and within their workplaces. Having someone with corporate and leadership experience to bounce ideas off, work through presentation points, or just be heard about work frustrations and brainstorm solutions is invaluable.

Individual Spiritual Direction & Relational Coaching

Eric’s seminary degree (M.Div) focused on spiritual formation, spiritual leadership, and contemplative practices. He enjoys mentoring and coaching those who are seeking a more authentic faith, struggling with feeling stuck, experiencing “dark nights of the soul”, or wanting some spiritual insight around events in their daily life. Eric’s part-time work as a spiritual formation pastor and life experience in faith based organizations gives him a special skill set in this arena.

Faith-Based Leadership & Team Consulting

Eric and Rachel have been a part of multiple faith based organizations including large and small churches, para-church organizations, and organic faith based communities. They have an in-depth understanding of the positives and negatives that come with being involved in leadership and the cultural challenges of these arenas. As outside observers, they can assess scenarios and offer solutions and relational growth options that take faith practices into consideration.

Presentations and Workshops

 Eric and Rachel enjoy presenting on teamwork, mental health, relational and faith-based subjects to any size group and have extensive experience creating lessons, workshops, and keynote presentations around multiple topics for both secular and faith based organizations. Some of their past presentations include: Overcoming Performance and Perfectionism, Thriving in Partnered Relationships, Self-Awareness, Identity and Connection, Self-Awareness and the Enneagram

Educational Consulting

Rachel has her undergraduate degree in Education (Grades 6-12) and spent a number of years teaching English and Theater in multiple settings and the homeschool community. She has worked with parents on curriculum, parenting practices, and educational directions. She also has worked with numerous teens and college students on career direction, personality and self-awareness, relationship issues, and values-driven decision making.

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